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1:1 Gangway in progress
1:1 Gangway in progress

This work is a rubbing of a 15-meter cruise ship gangway. In 1:1 Gangway, the somewhat dubious role of maps as accurate records of places is called into question through the more direct method of frottage. Borges’ and Eco’s ruminations on the impossibility of drawing a 1:1 map of a territory provided a conceptual puzzle to consider whilst engaging in the slow, methodical task of recording a 1:1 imprint of an object associated with travel. Further to this, the repeatability of frottage is dependent upon the changeability of the world – as the gangway moved between cruise ship visits, along with the conditions at the port, so too did the prints. Though frottage suggests repeatability, it does so imperfectly, thus revealing an interlacing of mimesis and mutability between print and world. (extract from a co-authored paper titled Intensively Fast and Intensively Slow, written with Dr Lydia Trethewey and presented as part of Impact 10 international Printmaking conference).

1:1 Gangway was exhibited at Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery in the 2018 National Works on Paper.

Thanks to the Fremantle Port Authority for allowing me to access the passenger terminal and gangway to make this work.