Portfolio > Occupied. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre NSW.

Through the medium of expanded drawing this exhibition examines the artists’ (and the viewers’) experience of physical space – the architecture that surrounds us, street scapes, interior and exterior spaces we inhabit and the intersection between the built and natural environment. Scale, texture, tone and different methods of mark making are the primary focus. Making marks is an essential process to many artists and this exhibition explores the raw, tangible nature of drawing.

The exhibition is an investigation of drawing through the work of the following artists: Susanna Castleden, Clare Delaney, Kath Fries, Karen Golland, Jody Graham, Virginia Hilyard & Sue Pedley, Catherine O’Donnell, Mollie Rice, Margaret Roberts, Wendy Tsai and Rebecca Waterstone.

All artwork images by silversalt

Catalogue available at http://bluemountainsculturalcentre.com.au/exhibition/occupied/